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Advanced Wreck Diving


This program provides the knowledge and experience required to conduct limited penetration dives into wreck overhead environments. You will learn how to use specialized buoyancy and finning techniques, lay safety line, and the proper use of lights, while wearing a standard or Extended Range equipment configuration. You will earn the SSI Advanced Wreck Diving Specialty certification after completing this program.


Minimum Age:16
Certification Prerequisites:Certified as: Deep Diving, Wreck Diving, EAN Nitrox, Advanced Open Water Diver & at least 24 logged dives.
Academic Sessions:Varies
Pool/Confined Water Sessions:Varies
Open Water Dives:4
Maximum Training Depth:40 meters / 130 feet
Suggested Duration:12 hours
Specialized Equipment:See SSI Training Standards

Please refer to the SSI Training Standards for more detailed information

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